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Hazelnut Velvet

StyleMedium Almond
SizeExtra Small
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Step into the season of coziness and elegance with Hazelnut Velvet, a timeless nail set inspired by the enchanting colors of Fall. This classic light brown hue exudes sophistication and comfort, reminiscent of hazelnuts freshly fallen from the trees. The velvety texture adds a touch of luxury, while the sparkling effect under the sun elevates your manicure to a captivating level of allure.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Hazelnut Velvet ensures a seamless fit and enduring charm. Perfect for embracing the beauty of Autumn or adding a touch of refinement to your everyday style.

Glamade Press-On Nail Width Size Chart (mm)


  • XS 14/10/11/10/8
  • S 15/11/12/11/9
  • M 16/12/13/12/10
  • L 17/13/14/13/11

For customers with standard size hands and nail beds, around 70% have found that size S is the ideal fit. However, we recommend measuring your exact size for the perfect fit.

Each set of nails comes with a Glamade storage bag, including:

  • 10 nails stored in an acrylic box.
  • 2 x alcohol pads
  • 1 x double sided nail file
  • 1 x cuticle stick
  • 1 x gel glue
  • 1 x 24 removable nail tabs
  • 1 x Glamade storage pouch

100% Handmade

Each set of our handmade press-on nails is meticulously crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. However, please be aware that due to the handmade nature of our products, slight variations in color, shape, and design may occur. We strive to maintain consistency and quality across all sets, but these small differences are what make each nail unique and special. Rest assured, our team of skilled artisans ensures that every set is made with the same level of dedication and precision.

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Complete the look:

Removable Nail Tabs


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Hazelnut Velvet








How to choose the correct press-on nails sizes?

Measure your nail beds' width and compare them to our standard size chart here to find your perfect fit.

If you are unable to find an exact fit, you can file the nail to achieve a perfect fit. Alternatively, feel free to contact us here to inquire about a customized order.

How to prep nails, apply and remove press-on nails?

Indulge in the luxurious comfort and easy application of our handmade press-on nails. Choose from various application methods to suit your preferences. Please find a detailed guide here on preparing, applying, and removing our press-on nails according to the specific gel you opt for.

What's the difference between normal nail glue, removable nail tabs and solid nail tips gel?

  • Nail Glue: Keeps your nails securely in place for two weeks and beyond. Please be aware that the nails may not be reusable after removal.
  • Nail Tabs: Securely hold nails for up to a week and are easy to remove, allowing you to change your nail styles to match your daily outfits and moods.
  • Solid Nail Tip Gel: Our solid gel glue is a durable and flexible option. Lasting for a month. Application with an LED light ensures long-lasting gel nails. Easily reuse the nails for future application, making it sustainable and cost-effective.

Can I customizable my own press-on nails design?

Without a doubt! The beauty of handmade press-on nails is the ability to customize. Feel free to reach out to us directly with your preferred design, and we would be delighted to bring it to life for you!

Are the nails reusable?

You can reuse our high-quality press-on nails from Glamade for up to 30 times! Just keep in mind that this depends on your lifestyle. To make your nails last longer, avoid harsh chemicals and prolonged submersion. Handle them with care and avoid applying too much force.

Are Glamade nails cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes, Glamade is committed to offering cruelty-free and vegan products. We do not test our products on animals, and our press-on nails do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Shipping and Return

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Glamade currently ships to select countries worldwide with flat shipping fee, or FREE SHIPPING for overs over $39.

Please check our shipping information here for the most up-to-date details on available destinations. Please feel free to contact us directly if your desination is not currently listed.

Return and Exchange

At Glamade, we take great pride in our meticulously handcrafted press-on nails. Due to the nature of our handmade products, we do not offer returns or exchanges on our press-on nails. We strive to provide accurate product descriptions, detailed images, and sizing information to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur during shipping, which may result in damaged nails. In such cases, we are committed to resolving the issue promptly. If you receive a damaged set of Glamade nails, please contact our customer service team within 7 days of receiving your order.

Get in touch

Still have questions? We're happy to help! Please email us at or fill out the form here, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aria Young
Glmade slayed it!!

Glamade pressons have absolutely slayed the game. The salon-like quality, the convenience, and the price point make them unbeatable. I feel like I have my own personal beauty salon in a box. Glamade, you've made beauty accessible to all of us, and I'm forever grateful! 🙌💄

Elizabeth L.
Time-Saving Beauty Routine

I used to spend hours at the salon, but now I can achieve the same flawless look in no time. It's hassle-free and cost-effective. I can't believe how much time and money I've saved since switching to Glamade. Highly recommended!

Hailey M,
Easy Elegance at Home

Hazelnut Velvet Nails are a game-changer for anyone looking for easy elegance at home. I was amazed at how effortless it was to apply these nails and achieve salon-level results.The texture is not only chic but also comfortable to wear. Plus, the 3M double nail tabs are super strong , keeping them securely in place.

What I love most is that I can have perfectly styled nails without the need for a salon appointment. It's a massive time and money saver. Just pop them on, and you're good to go! No more waiting or costly salon visits. I'm sold on the ease and affordability Glamade. They've become my go-to for quick and stunning nails at home.

Luna M.
Quick & Stunning DIY Nails

These pressons are the answer to quick and stunning DIY nails. The application instructions are clear, and the nails adhere perfectly. I'm no nail pro, but these make me feel like one. It's easy, it's affordable, and the results are fabulous. I'm officially a GLAMADE fan!

Penelope L.
For all hazelnut nail lovers..

Hazelnut Velvet Nails have my heart! They're not only stunning but also incredibly easy to apply. I've ditched the salon for good. These nails give me salon-level beauty without the fuss. It's like a beauty revolution right in my own home. Hazelnut Velvet Love all the way! 💘💅

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